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Founder's Statement:

In my mind, language is social technology and cultural adaptation. In recent times we have seen the explosion in use of first text messaging and then instant messaging via apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Twitter etc. 

Millennials in particular covet instant and creative methods of communication. The demand and use of emoji & stickers in messaging friends & family, is truly a growing global trend. 

However, so far there have been various gaps in representation and localisation of these apps. The vast majority of apps target Western consumers and hence reference primarily Western cultural themes. But frustration can be the mother of invention ! 

DESIMOJI is a unique and pioneering app, proudly created to bridge the gap primarily between South Asia ('Desi'), the Subcontinent, Middle East and the West.

Our tagline of 'Fusion Fun for You' will hopefully become apparent once the user downloads the Desimoji App for FREE, and signs in. I hope they enjoy it and share with their friends & family, and suggest new ideas. It was made for them.


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